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3 days ago
"Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god."
— Aristotle, from Politicsa  (via lavenderwrath)
5 days ago
Anonymously tell me your feelings for me.

It doesn’t have to be romantic (though if you did feel that way, it’d be perfectly fine). Just how you feel in general. I get curious of people’s impressions of me.

5 days ago

middle earth meme: [4/5] elves
"the time of the elves is over. do we leave Middle-Earth to its fate? do we let them stand alone?"

6 days ago

theraindropstreasure said: I wan t to rub m face on your face fuzz

feel free to do so as it will be gone by the end of the month, as soon as I can afford an inustrial strength razor to destroy it.

/hates facial hair on me, loves it on other men

6 days ago
mccoydarling asked : Please talk forever about Helen and ancient greek you are so enpoint



in the iliad helen speaks the last lament for hector. the only man in troy who showed her kindness is slain—and now, helen says, πάντες δέ με πεφρίκασιν, all men shudder at me. she doesn’t speak in the iliiad again.

homer isn’t cruel to helen; her story is cruel enough. in the conjectured era of the trojan war, women are mothers by twelve, grandmothers by twenty-four, and buried by thirty. the lineage of mycenaean families passes through daughters: royal women are kingmakers, and command a little power, but they are bartered like jewels (the iliad speaks again and again of helen and all her wealth). helen is the most beautiful woman in the world, golden with kharis, the seductive grace that arouses desire. she is coveted by men beyond all reason. after she is seized by paris and compelled by aphrodite to love him against her will—in other writings of the myth, she loves him freely—she is never out of danger.

the helen of the iliad is clever and powerful and capricious and kind and melancholy: full of fury toward paris and aphrodite, longing for sparta and its women, fear for her own life. she condemns herself before others can. in book vi, as war blazes and roars below them, helen tells hector, on us the gods have set an evil destiny: that we should be a singer’s theme for generations to come—as if she knows that, in the centuries after, men will rarely write of paris’ vanity and hubris and lust, his violation of the sacred guest-pact, his refusal to relent and avoid war with the achaeans. instead they’ll write and paint the beautiful, perfidious, ruinous woman whose hands are red with the blood of men, and call her not queen of sparta but helen of troy: a forced marriage to the city that desired and hated her. she is an eidolon made of want and rapture and dread and resentment.

homer doesn’t condemn helen—and in the odyssey she’s seen reconciled with menelaus. she’s worshipped in sparta as a symbol of sexual power for centuries, until the end of roman rule: pausanias writes that pilgrims come to see the remains of her birth-egg, hung from the roof of a temple in the spartan acropolis; spartan girls dance and sing songs praising one another’s beauty and strength as part of rites of passage, leading them from parthenos to nýmphē, virgin to bride. cults of helen appear across greece, italy, turkey—as far as palestine—celebrating her shining beauty; they sacrifice to her as if she were a goddess. much of this is quickly forgotten. 

every age finds new words to hate helen, but they are old ways of hating: deceiver and scandal and insatiate whore. she is euripides’ bitchwhore and hesiod’s kalon kakon (“beautiful evil”) and clement of alexandria’s adulterous beauty and whore and shakespeare’s strumpet and proctor’s trull and flurt of whoredom and schiller’s pricktease and levin’s adulterous witch. her lusts damned a golden world to die, they say. pandora’s box lies between a woman’s thighs. helen is a symbol of how men’s desire for women becomes the evidence by which women are condemned, abused, reviled.  

but no cage of words can hold her fast. she is elusive; she yields nothing. she has outlasted civilisations, and is beautiful still. before troy is ash and ruin she has already heard all the slander of the centuries; and at last she turns her face away—as if to say: i am not for you

holy fuck

6 days ago
Anonymous asked : so if you convert does that mean you'll stop being a witch or what i'm confused, also though i find catholocism interesting, i highly doubt that as witchy and fabulous as you are, you'll find a home in their unfortunately backwards (in so many different paths) ways

Took me a hot second to decide how to respond to this, anon, and then I rambled all over it.

The witch thing: not really, no. You can be a witch and be a part of any religion you want. It’s a secular practice, it can compliment your religion or lack thereof if you wish it to. 

As for the backwardness of Catholicism: I don’t really see…how they’re backwards? Christianity gets a super bad rap because people aren’t practising it correctly, the core of the religion itself is fairly sound and has deep meaning and beauty. Just because the loudest faction is backwards, at the moment, doesn’t mean the entirety is.

There’s a lot of magical practice that melds with Christianity and Catholocism. As a ‘southern witch’, I can settle quite nicely into that nest methinks, because we’ve got a rich heritage of just that: mixing folk magic, magic, etc. with Christian beliefs. Even if you separate Voodoo/Santeria/etc practices from the mix, you still have a shit ton of folk magic all over the place. Even growing up in a Christian school, raised by a VERY Christian household, we have little folk magics all over the place.

As well, I’m not too far into the ‘British/European traditional’ bent for me to be uncomfortable, practice-wise, with Christianity I don’t think. I’ve taken no oaths, pledged myself to no Tradition, have yet to do anything overtly or too blasphemous (though, I do tend to blaspheme often!). I feel a kinship to those Trad witches, though, and a lot of what I know of their practice/mythology. I will admit…dat Horned One. I can definitely appreciate the Himself for all his gifts and talents and the way he appears in dreaming.

I mean, hello sir. Lovely to see you this fine evening.

And when it comes down to it, even the bits of Trad craft that I’ve been absorbing from tumblr blogs and the Facebook group I joined ages ago still have a lot of Biblical meanderings it seems like? Don’t get me started on the growing Cain feels, the Azazel feels, and the Robert Cochrane-is-hella-interesting-lemme-read-the-things feels. It will probably be a forever regret that I don’t feel comfortable joining a tradition, because I want to know all of the things.

Anyway thank you for your question, but I feel like I should be quite fine through it all. 

Alrighty I’m headed to bed, because tomorrow is work day. Before I go though, I want to do a tumblr call for people with credible information on Djinn that’s more in depth than wikipedia articles, and sketchy ebay listings.

I know some of the lore, though not much in depth. I came across a promising set of posts on a blog I found through Scylla’s posts circa 2012, though they never continued with the series.

I would like to know…things. Lore, if possible spellwork and spirit work, personal stories, ideas, etc. etc. Things that’s okay to share, anyway. ‘Outer Court’ material you could say, since there’s a lot of mystery and secrecy shrouding actual practice from what I’ve gathered so far.

Because there’s this thing and it’s not a thing, but it’s totally a thing and I have no clue where to go from here.

1 week ago



Really though, on the Catholic thing, I’ve been wanting to convert since I was a kid. This isn’t some new idea, so just in case and before someone gets their feathers ruffled.

I’m doing this with good intentions, though we all know what road is paved with those amirite?

Well, if you need more resources or whatever… -looks over shoulder at crucifix- …. -narrows eyes at bookshelf with five Bibles- … -raises keychain with St. Christopher-….

Yes, send me things. All of them.

1 week ago

ncandescentincubus said: CATHOLICISM side will most likely win.

Most likely. I feel like I’ll find within the Church something wonderful, beautiful, and worthy of my weird anarcho-rebelliousness and adoration.

Really though, on the Catholic thing, I’ve been wanting to convert since I was a kid. This isn’t some new idea, so just in case and before someone gets their feathers ruffled.

I’m doing this with good intentions, though we all know what road is paved with those amirite?